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Portrait der Designerin Iris Delruby Ruprecht

Delruby is more than textiles – it is the embodiment of my commitment to an interconnected world where every action resonates across cultures and generations.

My journey, which led to the founding of Delruby in 2018, was inspired by a deep desire to create an inspiring space where tradition and innovation thrive in unison, where the echoes of ancient craftsmanship find meaning with modern designs.

My mission goes beyond crafting high-quality textiles. It's about nurturing a profound connection between creation, consumption, and cultural preservation. At Delruby, mindfulness, exceptional craftsmanship, and timeless beauty are the essence of every creation.

Through my collaborations with local artisans in Nepal, I have had the privilege of contributing to the sustainability of their age-old weaving practices and communities. Delruby stands as a bridge, allowing me to unite these artisans with the global community while deeply honoring their cherished traditions.

It's about personable interactions, fostering reflective dialogues, and creating space for diverse thinking patterns to flourish. My belief in the power of listening, asking questions, and courageously opening doors enables us to harmonize our efforts, aligning with the rhythms of the natural world.

Rather than disruption, Delruby is about adaptation, gracefully taking on the tone of others, and embracing the sensorial aspects of creation, from the touch and scent to the sight and flow.

Ultimately, it's about how a person feels when wearing our creations, as they transmit not just fashion but also a sense of purpose and interconnectedness across cultures and generations.

My personal journey has been dedicated to intertwining the threads of my work in a manner that is both mindful and purposeful. From my earliest years, an insatiable curiosity and an enduring compassion for the world have guided me on a path where I can channel my creativity while contributing to our human well-being.

Studying pattern making and design, I felt a deep pull to understand the stories held within each thread and the values that bring creations to life. My experiences, from bustling city life in New York to a prominent position with a Swiss fashion brand, exposed me to the complexities and challenges hidden behind the wastefulness, poor working conditions, and ethical dilemmas that often lurk within the industry.

My conviction grew stronger as I saw the conditions in which workers were treated and the environmental toll of unethical practices. Leaving my lucrative position marked a pivotal decision – a personal commitment to prioritize dignity, fairness, and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Stepping away from familiar paths, I founded a publishing house that united art, fashion, and science. During this time, fate led me to Nepal, where I took part in establishing a farm as a tribute to heritage and sustainability, with a deep commitment to preserving the land and its people from exploitation. It was there that I encountered skilled women weavers, whose dedication to their craft and communities deeply resonated with me.

Collaborating with these artisans, I found a deep sense of purpose and unity, akin to the intricate weaving of threads in a cloth. For me, weaving extended beyond the creation of fabric – it evolved into a symbol of bridging tradition and modernity, intertwining stories across different times and places. Just as each thread contributes to the fabric, all aspects of our work are intricately connected, symbolizing the interconnectedness that envelops Delruby's mission.

During this time, the concept of 'Sustained-Ability' took shape in my mind. I envisioned creating a legacy that not only preserved heritage but also offered families the opportunity to stay in their villages, utilizing their expertise and preventing the gradual disappearance of their cherished traditions. I wanted to uphold the values of ethical trade while celebrating the artisans and ensuring the continuity of their craft across generations.

My roles as a professor, my position on the board of Fashion Revolution Switzerland, and my dedication as an entrepreneur reinforce my dedication to nurturing a world where 'Sustained-Ability' isn't just a term – it is a guiding principle. It weaves together education, advocacy, and the art of mindful business practices, reflecting my deeply ingrained way of life characterized by subtleness and an open-hearted invitation for others to journey with me.

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